Pro Support with Personalized Service for NYC's Entertainment & Post-Production industrY

(and other small New york city Mac-based businesses)

For the past sixteen years of MacNRG’s life, we’ve been primarily focused on the entertainment and film/video industry. Our commitment to this industry is second to none.  From on-location, in-office, production, and post-production, MacNRG can help with all your technology needs. 

MacNRG was founded under the principal that "not all IT is equal." In an attempt to stand by this ideal MacNRG has focused our service to coincide with the demands of our clients. Any IT company can purchase hardware and software. However, at MacNRG, we strive to center our attention on the customer, designing systems and solutions that fit the needs of a company looking to expand into new areas, implement new forms of technology into their current workplace, or make the switch from the Windows environment to the wonderful world of the Macintosh computer and Apple, Inc.

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All estimates come with a free one-hour onsite consulting survey, and are flexible according to needs and scheduling.



Rob & I first met when [Edit 1] hired him, and his company, MacNRG, to work as one of our IT Consultants. More than a decade later, we not only enjoy a business relationship, but also a great friendship. Rob is one of the most honest, hardworking, and loyal people I’ve ever known. I saw him not only go above and beyond for [Edit 1] on a repeated basis, but ... I saw him also doing it for many other people around him.
— Michael Zimbard, Owner/President, Edit 1
They don’t suck. And we’re not mad at ‘em.
— Jorge doCouto, Creative Director & Founder, East Village Radio
Rob is an Apple guru. His technical expertise for design, implementation, and execution of hardware, software and technology is the best I have had the opportunity to work with for Apple support. His is able to gain support and trust of the project stakeholders ensuring successful results. He is a great resource and advisor to have on your team.
— Dale Blagrove, Formerly Sony Music
MacNRG gives us a unique service and solutions customized to our individual needs. They really take a personal interest and care about their client. It’s great to have a freelance company where you feel like we are all working together. They take an active interest in working with our company as opposed to a shop that tries to push their own solutions ... It’s like having a real IT guy with you on staff.
— Damien Chock, Director of Technology, Elias Arts, LLC.
Rob is hands-down the best Apple/Mac consultant I’ve ever worked with. Whether setting up a fiber optic video server or troubleshooting pro applications, Rob knows know all the inner workings. He’s an expert at creating Mac-based workflows and can recommend a myriad of ways and products to solve clients’ problems ... Rob is a true pro in his field and his technical skills coupled with his creativity make him one of a kind.
— Niko Plaitakis, Creative Director, visual mercenary group


Our difference

The largest contrast is our passion.  The staff at MacNRG bring a great deal of enthusiasm and a rarely seen level of energy to the IT world. We love what we do, and this is reflected in our attention to our clients. We are deeply intimate with the products and services we offer, utilizing most of them ourselves. What this means to you, the client, is that working with MacNRG will be a different experience than you may have had in the past. Since we are always looking for new and better ways to serve our clients, we can cater a system to your exact needs. This means that you won't have to overspend in a time when every dollar counts.



About The Director

You can call me Rob, or Robbie.

I, Robbie (ROB B. Campbell, get it?), started out in technology with the Atari 2600 and the good'ol'  "Trash-80" from Radio Shack, but always had envy for my friend's Apple IIc (dude, Ultima III was the bomb!).  Then, when fueling my left-brain at USC as a Film/Theatre major, my right-brain was fed by working on the SE/30s in the computer lab (probably right next to Kevin Mitnick, the infamous cyberthief).  Always trying to hook up my friends with Norton Utilities, I was always the "MacDaddy with the Daddy Mac".  After college, back in NYC, I got sick of waiting tables as a professional auditioner and listened to my father's sage advice:

"Robert, get a job!  Instead of fiddling with that damn thing all day, why don't you make some money doing it?"  Hmmm, what a great idea!  

So, after working at BBC International as the Mac Director, in retail at an Apple Dealer, in ad agencies like Bates USA and Harrison & Star (an Omicom affiliate), and at an official Apple-Authorized Mac Consulting firm, I realized it was time to go on my own. Thus, MacNRG was born in 2000.  After four months of tooling around in S.E. Asia, I got busy back in NYC and continue to rock Mac businesses into happy efficiency.

I love to get my geek on by helping people out with their Mac and Apple devices, and I am most proud of being certified in Mac OS X (now macOS), macOS Server, and Final Cut Pro.  

"Once you go Mac, you never go back."